Can't Let Nobody Ride My Bike

Ronald Anderson and his friends call themselves the 700 Bike Crew. To Ronald and his boys, their bikes are their cars. It’s how they navigate through East Oakland. One day they dream of trading their bikes for muscle cars so they can floss at the Oakland sideshows.


Ronald is struggling to find his way as an intelligent young Black man growing up fast in East Oakland. Ronald and his group of friends must figure out ways to avoid the entrapments of the street life in the neighborhood they live in. Together, they must learn how to navigate a road of bullies, drugs, sex and violence.


The streets of Oakland often put Ronald and his friends to the test. Having to keep up with school, experiencing friendly quarrels, and family drama, the 700 Bike Crew learn a lot about who they truly are. Despite the obstacles Ronald faces, he tries his best to stay focused. Will Ronald’s ambition and new found confidence keep him out of trouble? Or will he allow the distractions that the streets of Oakland have to offer get him caught up?

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