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Inspiring organizations to develop culturally relevant practices through critical literacy.

Ronald Anderson and his friends call themselves the 700 Bike Crew. To Ronald and his boys, their bikes are their cars. It’s how they navigate through East Oakland. One day they dream of trading their bikes for muscle cars so they can floss at the Oakland sideshows.


Ronald is struggling to find his way as an intelligent young Black man growing up fast in East Oakland. Ronald and his group of friends must figure out ways to avoid the entrapments of the street life in the neighborhood they live in. Together, they must learn how to navigate a road of bullies, drugs, sex and violence.


The streets of Oakland often put Ronald and his friends to the test. Having to keep up with school, experiencing friendly quarrels, and family drama, the 700 Bike Crew learn a lot about who they truly are. Despite the obstacles Ronald faces, he tries his best to stay focused. Will Ronald’s ambition and new found confidence keep him out of trouble? Or will he allow the distractions that the streets of Oakland have to offer get him caught up?

Price $12.00


Can't Let Nobody Ride My Bike


When Jamillah started Parker Elementary School it was hard for her to make new friends. Unlike her old school, no one there seemed to want to play with her. So, hitting was the way Jamillah solved most of her problems at school. It didn’t make sense to her why it was so important for her to behave and be good when she saw other people around her being rude and unconcerned with how they treated others. With no good examples to model Jamillah continued to find every excuse to hit, but most of the time her excuse was, “But she hit me first.”

Jamillah’s teacher Miss Raspberry knew there was more to jamillah than what she was showing. When it looked like jamillah was about to face the ultimate punishment, suspension from school, Miss Raspberry stepped in to save her. Thought grateful in the moment Jamillah had no idea what Miss Raspberry had in Store for her. When her other efforts failed to help Jamillah, Miss Raspberry decided to try something different, she introduced Jamillah to a new way of thinking about the world around her.

 At its core, She Hit Me First is a book about exploring kindness, education, and conflict resolution without the use of violence. Jamillah the main character learns through a series of events that she is worthy of kindness and that she has power to create change in world around her.

Price $12.00

She Hit Me First

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